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Gutter Shutter Installation in Canton, Ohio

A couple in Canton, Ohio, decided to their home with a new gutter installation. Designed to match crown moulding and available in a variety of colors, Gutter Shutter never detracts from the home value while protecting your home from water build-up. The system also comes with a Lifetime No Clog Guarantee, so this couple never has to worry about cleaning out the gutters. If want to never have to de-clog your gutters, call Klaus Roofing of Northeast Ohio for a free estimate.

New Downspouts in Canton, Ohio

In Canton, Ohio, a couple decided that the best way to protect their foundation from rainwater was to install new gutter spouts. They needed an expert gutter installation company to get the job done. Klaus Roofing Systems of Northeast Ohio was able to meet their needs. The team installed new downspouts to direct the rainwater away from their foundation, while also matching the gutters and house aesthetics. If you're worried how rainwater is being directed with your gutters, call for a free estimate.

New Downspouts and Gutters for Canton, Oh Home

This home in Canton, Ohio called in for a full gutter and downspout replacement. Our expert team was able to get out to the home and install exactly what this home needed. Offered in various colors and designed to improve, never harm your harm, Gutter Shutter system is there to help with your water catching needs. If you want your home to turn out like this one, call Klaus Roofing for your free estimate today!

Gutter Guards for Home in Kent, OH

Unproductive gutters are such a pain for homeowners today. A client in Kent, Ohio, noticed water leaking down their home causing their foundation to crumble. After giving Klaus Roofing a call in hopes of finding a solution to this, our expert roofing pros concluded that the issue was coming from clogged gutters. Water was filling in their system instead of flowing through. After cleaning the gutters, a team installed a new Gutter Guard to prevent leaves and other debris from filling the gutters and allow water to be collected from the roof after rain. Our client was very pleased with this new system and will continue to look to Klaus Roofing for all their roofing needs. If you are experiencing a similar issue, call Klaus Roofing today for your free, no obligation estimate!

New Gutters on Streetsboro, Oh Home

A home in Streetsboro, Ohio needed new gutters on the back side of the house. The old gutters were extremely damaged and needed to come down. They chose to go with the Gutter Shutter system and downspouts for their new gutters and were even able to customize it to a brown color that we offer to better match their home. 


If you are in need of new gutters, call Klaus Roofing to receive a free estimate appointment today! 

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