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Gutter Shutter

Patented, proven all-in-one gutter guard system

Gutter Shutter® is North America's leading manufacturer of leaf and debris free systems. Since our founding in 2003, Gutter Shutter has been committed to providing homeowners with a permanent, comprehensive solution for clogged, failing gutter systems. Our gutters are guaranteed to never clog, never leak, never sag, and never pull away from your home.

When you choose Gutter Shutter, you get protection from the roof damage, water damage, and ladder accidents associated with clogged, ineffective gutter systems. Let Gutter Shutter provide peace of mind with our patented, proven gutter system. Find a Gutter Shutter installer near you to get started with a free estimate!

How we're different

Gutter Shutter Installation

The world's best gutter system

Gutter Shutter showcases thicker, .032 aluminum to prevent sagging. It's 6" frame and 4x wider outlet get water out faster so it never clogs. GutterStud brackets are the strongest in the world, and Gutter Shutter comes in a range of colors to blend seamlessly with your home. To speak freely - we've thought of everything.

Gutter Shutter is backed by a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee. It will never clog, never pull away, and comes complete with a 20-year paint warranty for added benefit. It's the best gutter system on the market and is made in the U.S.A.

An exclusive network of reliable gutter companies

Gutter Shutter is more than just a local gutter company. We are a network of educated, reliable gutter contractors backed by continuous training and product development. Our gutter installers are equipped to transform your clogged, sagging gutters into a beautiful, functional gutter system that is guaranteed for life.

Gutter Shutter® partners with Contractor Nation

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The Gutter Shutter team is proud to partner with Contractor Nation, a network created for home improvement and service contractors to grow and thrive. Other members of the Contractor Nation family include Klaus Roofing Systems, Basement Systems, and many more. Together, Gutter Shutter and Contractor Nation aim to provide every homeowner with affordable, permanent protection from the damage caused by ineffective gutters systems.

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Why Choose Gutter Shutter?

Before Gutter Shutter, the only available solutions for homeowners were installed under the shingles, damaging roofs and failing to protect from leaves and debris. Gutter Shutter created an innovative solution, guaranteed to combat common gutter problems.

  • No-Clog Guarantee
  • Guaranteed to Never Pull Away From Your Home
  • Premium Aluminum Guaranteed to Never Sag or Flex Under Heavy Loads
  • Available in a Range of Colors
  • Won't Void Roof Warranties- Installs Directly Into Fascia Board
  • Boosts Curb Appeal With "Crown-Moulding" Look & Feel
  • Patented & Proven Solution

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