Common Gutter Problems

Common Gutter Problems

Gutter problems can cause homeowners thousands of dollars, even if it’s considered minor water damage. In the U.S, 98% of basements are affected by water damage at some point during their lifetime. Erosion, foundation damage, landscape disruption, and much more can happen to your home without the proper precautions. If your gutter system doesn’t drain properly, gets backed up often, or has simply stopped working altogether, your home is at a major risk for damage.

Clogged Gutters

Common gutter issues, such as clogged, leaky, gutters, can lead to further damage if not addressed properly.

With a poorly installed gutter, your home could be at risk for:

  • Water damage to your basement, crawl space, window wells, & foundation due to pooling water
  • Water damage to your roof, interior ceilings & walls
  • Gutter clogging from pine needles, leaves, & debris
  • Insects & pests making a home in your gutters
  • Broken, holes, leaks & lawn erosion

Gutter problems can cause you the headache of a lifetime, but can be avoided in just a few simple steps with Gutter Shutter!

How to solve your gutter problems with Gutter Shutter®

Your home’s gutters are essential in keeping up the integrity of your foundation, landscape, basement, exterior siding, and much more. If left unnoticed, heavy rainfall can cause serious problems and that cost can add up quickly. Gutter Shutter® provides a no-clog, all-in-one gutter system installation to ensure you won’t have expensive repairs that surprise you.

Protect your roof, basement, and foundation from the following unpleasant gutter problems:

Leaking Gutters
  • Water damage accounts for millions of dollars worth of property damage per year. Wet basements, crawl spaces, and foundations can be caused by pooling water around the home. Window wells, commonly installed around basement windows, are another place where water can easily flood if the well is not covered and if there is no proper draiange system put into place. This ultimately can decrease curb appeal, home value, and the indoor air quality in your home!
  • The Gutter Shutter® Solution: Gutter Shutter’s gutter guard system will help protect your basement, crawl space, window wells, and foundation from pooling water, making your home healthier and safer, especially for residents with allergies or asthma. Gutter Shutter will also protect your ceilings, interior walls, and lawn from the water damage caused by clogged, ineffective gutters.
Clogged Leaves
  • Gutter clogging may occur due to leaves, pine needles, debris, twigs, and even larger items like bird's nests or branches blocking your gutters. This prevents proper drainage and can back up your entire system, which can lead to it not working altogether.
  • The Gutter Shutter Solution: Gutter Shutter's innovative 6" gutter guards use the concept of surface tension to keep debris out, while still allowing 20% more water to flow than other 5" residential gutters. Gutter Shutter is also guaranteed to never clog.
Pests in Gutters
  • Pests and insects gravitate towards open, clogged gutters. When mosquitoes, cockroaches, gnats, and even birds start making homes in your clogged gutters, it's not only causing damage but giving pests easier access inside of your home.
  • The Gutter Shutter Solution: Say goodbye to unwelcome pests and gutter cleaning with Gutter Shutter. We ensure that your gutters are in top shape to prevent any damage to your home.
Ladder Related Injuries
  • Ladder-related injuries devastate thousands of families across the country annually, many due to gutter cleaning or gutter repairs. Anything can happen on a ladder and misuse can lead to serious injuries.
  • The Gutter Shutter Solution: When you choose Gutter Shutter, you'll never have to climb that ladder again. Our gutters will never clog, never sag, and never pull away from your home for the lifetime of the structure. Plus, our team of experts will take care of the installation for you!

No-Sag, No-Clog Gutter System

With .032 gauge aluminum, our gutter systems are built to last. Gutter Shutter will not flex under heavy loads, fill with debris, or pull away from your home! How do we do this? Our gutter covers come with small, strategically-placed perforations to do what it needs to do: drain rain away and keep debris out.

With Gutter Shutter, water flow isn't constricted, even during heavy rainfall, so runoff is kept away from all the structurally important parts to your home. No more climbing a dangerous ladder to manually remove debris, our gutter system successfully keeps out leaves, twigs, pine needles, moss, insects, pests and more. Gutter Shutter will install the right gutter guards, gutters, end caps, downspouts, and extensions to protect your home and property.

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