Why You Need Gutters

Why You Need Gutters

How gutters protect your home from water damage

If your house doesn’t have gutters or has old gutters that have seen better days, you might be wondering if gutters are really necessary. Whether you live in an area with lots of annual rainfall or not, gutters make a significant difference and can impact much more than you think. In fact, gutters play a major role in defending your basement, foundation, roof, and lawn from harmful water damage. A well-maintained gutter system helps direct water off of your roof and away from your home.

The importance of installing gutters & gutter guard systems

If rainwater has no clear direction of where to go, where does it end up? Without a proper gutter system in place, any type of water that hits your roof will roll right off of it. Some areas that could be affected include your foundation, basement or crawl space, landscaping, and windows & siding.

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Any type of precipitation that rolls off your roof will drop directly below and sit around your foundation. This standing water will eventually seep into the soil, causing what’s called hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is caused by the pressure of water build-up in the ground. The weight of this water eventually seeps into the ground, causing cracks, holes, and dents to appear around your foundation walls. Standing water can also cause soil erosion, which can then lead to foundation settlement.

How gutters help: Gutters will direct rainwater away from your home, which in turn can prevent soil erosion caused by pooling water and decrease the chances of foundation settlement caused by standing water.

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Basement or Crawl Space

Water issues can be common in a below-grade space, whether it be a basement or crawl space. If there is no gutter system installed on your home, this can only increase the chances of water issues in these areas. Window wells that are commonly installed around basement windows can also flood with rainwater if there is no proper drainage system put in place. Same with your foundation, this pooling water will eventually seep into the ground and cause hydrostatic pressure. This water pressure can cause cracks and holes around your basement or crawl space walls, windows, and floors. Water in the basement or crawl space can lead to poor indoor air quality, mold growth, rotting wood, and more if not properly addressed.

How gutters help: Gutters can help decrease the chances of a leaky basement or crawl space caused by pooling water, which in turn decreases the chance of mold, mildew, and rotting wood from forming.

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Without gutters, any grass, plants, or other landscaping items you have around your home can become soaked and destroyed due to the excessive amount of water build up in that area.

How gutters help: Gutters can help direct rainwater away from your home, therefore protecting plants, grass, and other landscaping from being washed away by water runoff.

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Windows & Siding

Roofs with little to no overhang can cause major issues to your siding and windows if there is no gutter system in place. With windows, excess water damage could cause wooden window frames to rot, grow mold, become discolored and soften. Weakened window frames can more easily let water in through small cracks and gaps. Siding, on the other hand, can become discolored from dirt, leaf, and water runoff. Excessive water damage to your siding can also lead to rotting and mold underneath.

How gutters help: Gutters can help prevent excessive moisture issues, such as mold, mildew, and rotting wood, from forming around your windows and siding. They can also direct dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other outdoor debris away from your home that otherwise would stain your roof and siding.

It’s important to note that in rare instances, you might not need to install gutters to your home. However, if you don't have gutters and you have erosion, foundation damage, or moisture problems, making the decision to install gutters on your home could save you thousands of dollars in damage repairs.

Advantages of an all-in-one seamless gutter system

If this is your first time installing gutters or if you’re considering replacing your old gutters, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best system and service possible. A new gutter and gutter guard system should be able to last a long time and require little to no maintenance.

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