Gutter & Downspout Extensions

Gutter & Downspout Extension Installations

Protect your foundation, basement & lawn

Wide Mouth Downspout

Gutters & downspouts extensions help your home in many ways, including the diversion of rainwater away from the foundation.

When looking into flood and water damage prevention, gutter downspout systems are a keystone in this process. Funnel away any potential destruction to your foundation and relieve the strain on your gutters with a downspout and downspout extension installation. Here at Gutter Shutter, we use the highest quality of materials to make sure your gutter system lasts for years with no problems. Find your local Gutter Shutter® installer today and get a free estimate on our gutter downspouts & extensions Install!

What is a downspout?

Downspouts connect to your gutter to redirect water away from the substructure of your home. This stops any possible corrosion to your lawn, basement, or foundation. A downspout extension gives you extra security by draining the water further away. This is helpful for lawns that start at the base of the home, gardens, or other landscaping. With downspouts and downspout extensions from Gutter Shutter, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs.

Advantages downspouts and downspout extensions bring to your home and gutter system

When you install a downspout system to properly drain water away, you decrease the possibility of flooding, corrosion, and other problems that are bound to happen during heavy rainfall. The effects of indoor water damage, such as poor air quality, mold growth, and musty smells, can be greatly avoided with a downspout system in place. Downspouts will also help mitigate debris and significantly reduce the chance of a water-damaged roof.

Gutter Shutter Installation

Why Gutter Shutter's downspout system ranks superior

The complete all-in-one Gutter Shutter system includes our durable, high-quality downspouts, which, unlike traditional downspouts, are bigger and better. Gutter Shutter's downspout allows for more water capacity due to its 3x4" size, compared to traditional downspouts that are 2x3". The combination of our 3x4" downspout with our wide mouth outlet maximizes the water flow from your gutters, ensuring a lifetime of no clogs or gutter-related water damage!

Types of downspout extensions we offer

Gutter Shutter Installation

  • RainChute: An in-ground design that is best for homes with a lawn close to the base.
    • Installed at start of foundation
    • Durable design
    • Prevents gutter backup
  • RainChute EZ: Elongated downspout extension that effortlessly installs above ground
    • Redirection of 3-8 feet away
    • Garden and landscape friendly
    • Prevents gutter backup

  • LawnScape Outlet: Leaves the design of your lawn uninterrupted and connects to your downspout
    • Works with sump pump discharge lines
    • Ideal for downspout extensions that are 7 feet or longer
    • Easy cleaning of the system with removable lid

Contact Gutter Shutter® for your downspout installation

Gutter Shutter® is North America’s leading manufacturer of leaf and debris systems and is guaranteed to never clog, sag, or pull away from your roof. Our system, which includes our seamless gutters, gutter guards, downspouts & downspout extensions, prevents clogging and promotes proper drainage so you won’t have to worry about cleaning out your gutters again. Your local Gutter Shutter contractor will be able to install a downspout & downspout extension efficiently to the rest of your gutter system, so you can relax while enjoying your new protection. Get the peace of mind you deserve with your home and book a free estimate with your local gutter contractor today!

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