Compare Gutter Guards

Gutter Guard Comparison

Why Compare Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are an essential component of any great gutter protection system. They help your gutters do their job by keeping debris out and rainwater flowing through the gutter system. If your gutter guards don’t perform well, the results can be costly water damage to your roof, landscaping, and foundation. So it’s no wonder you want to choose the best gutter guards! We’ve put together this handy comparison guide to explain how different types of gutter guards compare to Gutter Shutter®.

Comparing Gutter Guard Features

In the table below, we’ve highlighted the features of a high-performance gutter guard system. For each feature, such as “keeps debris out” or “doesn’t sag,” we evaluate the gutter guard based on the long-term performance. After all, every gutter guard should perform well initially; it’s how a gutter guard functions over the long term that makes one stand out over another in an accurate comparison.

How to Compare Gutter Guard Systems

  1. Function & Performance

    Debris in or on gutters leads to clogs and clogs cause your gutter to overflow. Overflowing gutters lead to water damage, both to the nearby roof soffits and fascia or to your home’s siding and foundation (not to mention damage to landscaping). When gutters clog and overflow, the weight and force of water and debris cause a gutter system to sag.

  2. Strength & Durability

    A strong, well-anchored gutter system can withstand the forces of rain and thunderstorms as well as debris, year after year. The risk in using lightweight gutter guards with flimsy support or a poor installation is that your gutter system will eventually sag and weaken. When a gutter system begins to pull away, it fails to properly channel water away from the home.

  3. Design and Installation

    An attractive design matters. Your gutter system rings the perimeter of your roof and should complement your home as well as protect it. You want your home and roof to look great right after a gutter guard installation and three or seven years later. A variety of design options and custom installation can help you raise your home’s curb appeal.

    If your gutter guard installation involves nailing gutter guards to the roof (under the shingles), not only do you put your roof warranty at risk, there’s an added risk of water damage where the roof has been disturbed. Gutter guards that fail and sag, often become distorted and bent, detracting from the appealing look of your roof’s profile.

  4. Guarantees and Warranties

    Warranties vary by product type and brand, so it’s important to compare warranties for different gutter guard systems. Evaluate performance warranties (clogging, pulling away from the home) and durability warranties (paint, finish, or material). We know that Gutter Shutter offers the best gutter guard warranties in the industry!

Types of Gutter Guards: Pros & Cons

Gutter Covers

Also called gutter hoods or helmets, gutter covers are positioned on top of existing gutter troughs to keep leaves and debris from entering the gutter.

Issues to Consider

  • May put roof warranty at risk if attached to roof. Water damage likely at attachment/puncture points.
  • Vulnerable to leaks at seams and where covers don't match up perfectly with gutter trough.
  • Gutter covers don't address weakness or capacity of underlying gutter system.
  • Risk of damage in heavy winds.
Gutter Cover
Gutter Screens

Gutter Screens

A variety of screens, including "mesh toppers," are available to place over your gutters, from plastic to metal and in varying sizes of perforation.

Issues to Consider

  • Holes often too big to filter out shingle granules and silt. May not filter pine needles.
  • Doesn't shed debris: as debris lands on screen and accumulates, water overflows onto foundation and fascia. Pressure from debris leads to sags and leaks.
  • Plastic screens become brittle over time & break.
  • Blow-off risk if not nailed in place. If nailed to roof, may void roof warranty and lead to leaks.
  • Gutter and gutter filter cleaning still required!

Gutter Filters

Gutter guard filters (also called foam or brush filters) are usually inserted right into the gutter trough. The idea behind these filters is that the plastic foam or brushy bristles will take up room in the gutter and trap debris, while letting water flow through.

Issues to Consider

  • Leaves and twigs get trapped by brush filters or sit on top of foam inserts. Buildup of debris attracts pests and leads to overflow and water damage to home's exterior and foundation.
  • Water-saturated foam inserts invite mold and plant growth.
  • Junctures between sections are vulnerable to leaking.
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance.
Gutter Filter
All-in-One Gutter Systems

All-in-One Systems

Seamless all-in-one systems are custom-made and offer a better design for repelling debris and preventing clogs.

Issues to Consider

  • Custom on-site installation designed to minimize typical DIY installation flaws.
  • Gutter guards should be designed and warrantied to repel debris and channel water flow into troughs.
  • Check warranties for durability and no-pull, no-clog performance.
  • Broader range of design options, including colors to harmonize with home.

Advantages of Gutter Shutter®

Designed to repel debris

  • Rolled hood design uses surface friction to keep debris out and let water in
  • Pine needle design available
  • Seamless – no weak joints
  • Installs under drip edge, not under shingles to protect roof

Strong, durable material

  • GutterStud brackets are the strongest in the world, with full support around the back, front and hood of the gutter system
  • Gutters made from heavy duty .032-gauge aluminum

High-capacity water flow

  • Extra-large 6” gutter size carries 20% more water than standard gutters
  • Extra-wide mouth outlet
  • Extra-large, 3x4” downspouts allow more water capacity than a standard, 2x3” downspout
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Lifetime no-clog warranty
  • Guaranteed to never pull away from the fascia board
  • 20-year paint warranty

Customized to add beauty & value to your home

  • Durable factory-baked enamel finish, warrantied
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Custom gutter installation
Gutter Shutter System

Ultimate Gutter Protection with Gutter Shutter®

The Gutter Shutter is a complete gutter protection system with integrated gutter guards designed to improve water flow, remove debris and the risk of clogs, and last season-after-season without maintenance. Gutter Shutter contributes to your home’s appearance and value, protects against water damage to your roof, basement, exterior, and foundation, and eliminates gutter cleaning!

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