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How well do your gutters perform when the seasons change? If you have issues with ice dams, icicles, or sagging from heavy snow or rain, then your system may not be working for your home. But there is no reason to worry – your local Gutter Shutter dealer in Pittsburgh, PA can provide a system that protects your home all year round, even during harsh rainstorms and snowstorms.

The Gutter Shutter system is composed of premium-grade aluminum, meaning it won't flex under heavy loads and looks great longer. It also provides highly efficient drainage with double the size downspouts, wide mouth outlets, and strategically designed gutter guards.

Why choose Gutter Shutter:

  • Lifetime no-clog guarantee
  • No-pull guarantee
  • 20-year paint warranty
  • Installs in one day

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Common Gutter Problems During Winter

While many standard gutters claim to work for all areas, some can't stand up to the snowy winters in Pittsburgh. Heavy snowfall, ice melting, and icicles can cause damage to the gutters themselves as well as the roof, siding, landscaping, foundation, and interior walls. That is why we designed the Gutter Shutter system to provide efficient drainage and durability all year round, no matter the temperature or the weather.

Here are some common gutter problems that happen during the winter and how Gutter Shutter prevents them:

  • Heavy snowfall: Most gutters cannot withstand heavy loads, which means they will sag or pull away during a snowstorm. That is why the Gutter Shutter system is designed with premium-grade aluminum, providing reliable durability no matter the temperature or the weather. Plus, the system also comes with certified GutterStud brackets every 24 inches for guaranteed stability.
  • Ice dams: Gutters that experience frequent clogging are often susceptible to ice dams. That is why the Gutter Shutter system comes with a lifetime no-clog guarantee. Our gutter guards have strategically placed holes that allow water to flow while blocking debris of all sizes, including twigs, leaves, pine needles, pests, and more.
  • Clogged gutters & downspouts: Without reliable gutter guards, debris can get inside the system and restrict water flow. Once water is blocked, it will freeze and cause a clog. Our gutter guards prevent this by allowing water flow while blocking even the tiniest of debris from entering the system. The double the size downspouts, wide mouth outlets, and 10-foot discharge also assures water is efficiently carried away from the property without freezing.
  • Icicles: Icicles form when water cannot efficiently flow in and out of the system, causing it to spill over and freeze. If these icicles break off, they can cause damage to the roof or siding as well as injuries if they hit someone. With our incredibly efficient and innovative gutter guards, this will be a worry of the past, as it will allow for water to easily pass through the system while keeping out twigs, leaves, pine needs, insects, and other debris.
  • Ladder-related injuries due to gutter cleaning or gutter repairs can devastate your family. When you partner with a Gutter Shutter dealer in your area, you won’t ever have to climb a ladder again, because our gutters never sag, never clog, and never pull away from your home.

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Benefits of the Gutter Shutter System

Close up of Gutter Shutter gutter guard system.

Gutter Shutter gutter guards are like no other; with a lifetime no-clog & no-pull guarantee.

While guaranteed efficiency all year round is a major advantage, there are plenty of other benefits that come with choosing Gutter Shutter over standard gutters, including:

  • Saving money & time: Gutter Shutter systems require less maintenance, repairs, or replacing, which saves you money and eliminates the need to climb on ladders for cleaning.
  • Enhancing the home's curb appeal: With a variety of colors to choose from, a crown molding design, and premium-grade aluminum, Gutter Shutter can be customized to any home and is guaranteed to look better longer than standard systems.
  • Peace of mind that lasts a lifetime: Are you ready to buy the last gutter system you'll ever need? Gutter Shutter comes with a lifetime no-clog guarantee and a no-pull guarantee for the lifetime of your home. Plus, the 20-year paint warranty assures the vibrancy of the system.
  • Gutters made in the U.S.A: Composed with premium-grade aluminum, wide mouth outlets, double the size downspouts, and innovative gutter guards in the U.S.

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If you're ready to install the last gutters you will ever need, contact your local Gutter Shutter dealer today. They provide gutters that protect your home for years to come, no matter the season or the weather. You can have absolute confidence in the performance of your system with a lifetime no-clog guarantee and a no-pull guarantee for the lifetime of your home. Plus, with a wide range of colors, a beautiful crown molding design, and a 20-year paint warranty, they will enhance your home’s curb appeal and look great for much longer than standard systems.

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