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Down Spout Burial in Bondurant, IA

This Homeowber encountered a persistent inconvenience with their downspouts, which extended a considerable distance of 10 feet into the yard. In an effort to further safeguard their foundation from water damage, they had even placed 20-foot tiles at the end of each downspout. However, the continuous need to move the downspouts while mowing the lawn or concerns about detachment had become tiresome for the customer.

To provide a more permanent and hassle-free solution, we undertook the task of burying the homeowner's downspouts and extending them accordingly. Employing a shovel, PVC piping, and a bubble pot, we successfully extended the downspouts while ensuring proper drainage.

By burying the downspouts and extending them, we relieved the customer from the inconvenience of constantly moving them during lawn maintenance while also addressing their concerns about detachment. This solution offered a more streamlined and reliable system to effectively channel water away from the foundation, protecting it from potential water-related issues.


Gutter Installation in Des Moines

The homeowner's existing gutters were failing – rotting, leaking, and detracting from the house's appearance. This not only allowed water intrusion but also threatened the foundation with potential structural damage. To address these concerns, we replaced them with a new seamless gutter system. Unlike traditional gutters, seamless gutters offer a clog-resistant design that prevents debris buildup and ensures optimal water flow.

New Gutters in Crystal Lake, IA

Having gutters is very important for keeping rainwater away from your home's foundation. Having reliable gutters is even more important for keeping your home safe. The gutters you see here were full of leaves and falling off the home. They even had trees growing out of them. There were no covers, making it the perfect place for leaves to land. Our team got out there and replaced these gutters with our seamless, clog-free Gutter Shutter system. Seamless gutters don't have gaps or unalignment like other gutters, protecting your foundation all the way around. Take a look at this before and after! 

Basement Waterproofing in Ottumwa, IA

This homeowner wanted to have a dry basement because it was getting harder and harder for him to keep mopping up all of the water. He wanted this problem solved by experts in basement waterproofing, so he gave us a call. We sent System Design Specialist Luke Miller to inspect the basement and determine what was causing water to get into the basement as well as design a comprehensive solution to keep water out. Luke found that the floor/wall join around the perimeter of the basement was leaking water onto the floor as well as through some cracks in the floor itself. Upon seeing this, he knew that full perimeter solution was needed as well as a lateral line to capture water that was seeping in through the floor cracks, so he called for an installation team as per the homeowner's request. One of our installation teams utilized a full perimeter WaterGuard Interior Drainage System as well as a partial height CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. After that, they  installed a lateral line to capture water that was coming through the middle of the floor before it could get into the basement. They topped it off by installing a TripleSafe Sump Pump System to push all of this water up and away from the basement. The homeowner was very pleased with the end result and he thought that his installation looked very clean. Check out the new waterproofing systems this homeowner has!

Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

This homeowner has our CleanSpace waterproofing system in a portion of her basement, but she wants the entire area fully waterproofed. Additionally, this homeowner has her clean her gutters four times a year and just doesn't want to have to do that anymore. Her yard has many mature trees so installing RainDrop gutter guards was a must. And we installed CleanSpace in the rest of her basement to waterproof her walls and control the moisture. Now this homeowner will never have to clean her gutters again!