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New Porch Gutters in Fredericktown, OH

John B. in Fredericktown, OH called Klaus Roofing of Ohio because there were no gutters around his porch and water was pouring off the roof. This was causing puddling around the home.  Our inspector, Brian Thom, went out to the home to take measurements and propose a gutter solution to the homeowner. John agreed and our crew went out and expertly installed the new gutters around the porch. Now, the homeowner no longer needs to worry about water pouring off the roof and around his home.

Gutter Replacement in Lockbourne, OH

A homeowner in Lockbourne, OH called Klaus Roofing of Ohio because his gutters were old and were leaking. Some had fallen off in some areas. We sent out a certified inspector to review the situation and provide a free estimate for removal and replacement. The homeowner decided to choose us for the work. Our experienced crew then went out to the home and replaced all of the gutters. 

Now the gutters are functional and look great too!

Gutter Replacement in Westerville, OH

Homeowners in Westerville, OH called Klaus Roofing of Ohio because their gutters were leaking and ruining some of the wood around them. Our experienced gutter installers went out and replaced the gutters on the home. They were also able to remove and replace the most waterlogged section of wood under the lip of the gutter.

Attic Insulation in Centerburg, OH

This attic was in need of more insulation so this homeowner called Klaus Roofing of Ohio for a solution. We removed the old insulation and filled the attic with cellulose insulation. 

SilverGlo Attic Insulation in Grove City, OH

This homeowner called Klaus Roofing of Ohio because one bedroom was colder than the rest of the house. They assumed they needed more insulation, but weren't completely sure.

Klaus Roofing Inspector, David Wirtz agreed that it was a lack of insulation that was causing this room to be colder and he recommend we install our graphite-infused rigid foam insulation panels called SilverGlo to seal and insulate the attic. SilverGlo is waterproof, durable and will not shrink or lose efficacy over time.

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